Claiming your business



Having a profile on our website is free


Claiming your business means that you will become an administrator of your business profile on our platform. As an administrator, you will have full control over the public appearance of your business and get access to additional features and benefits at the platform. You will be able to keep data about your business fresh and accurate in every moment as well as making your business profile more attractive and competitive for our website visitors.


It is important to us that only the real business owners can control their business profiles on our website. That is why we developed a system where we check the validity of data in claiming request. If you own more than one business, all of your businesses will appear on your dashboard.


How to claim?



1) Register on our platform


If you haven’t registered yet on our website, sign up with your email or with your social media accounts. If you already have a profile, just sign in.


2) Search for your business


If your business already has a profile on our website with some general information, you have the opportunity to claim this profile and own it.


  • – Search for the city where your business is
  • – Find your business and open the page
  • – Click Claim Now text below map and contact information


3) Verification


A pop-up will appear and all you have to do is to fill out the form with details that prove you are the real owner of the business. We will receive your claim request and, based on the data you provided, we will approve it. It can take some time for our moderators to review the request, but we will do our best to do it as soon as possible.



4) You are done!




After approval, your business will get a blue check mark that shows your profile is claimed and there is no possibility that someone else claims it. Now, you have the access to your own dashboard so you can start editing your business profile with some attractive images and up to date information. You will have all the benefits with full control, free of charge. Read more in the next section.


What are the benefits?



Control how your business looks on the platform


Now you can upload and edit every detail that will make your business more attractive to customers.


  • Images to show the interior, business window and some favourite products
  • The description that explains who you are and why are you special
  • Video to show the process of making some of your products or mini-tour through your business
  • Map with business location
  • Contact information
  • Working hours
  • Social media links
  • FAQ and additional information such as parking possibilities, pet-friendly etc.


User dashboard with many possibilities


You will get a full access to the user dashboard where you can see every aspect of your business performance and take the necessary steps to promote your business and attract more customers.



If you have any additional questions and problems with the claiming process, feel free to contact us for support.