Based on its unique case study at Denmark Farm, the Trust has been pioneering the restoration of wildlife habitat to farmland since 1987. Our studies range over Denmark Farm’s integrated patchwork of restoring grassland, wetland, woodland, and scrub habitats, and their flora and fauna. In tandem with this case study, we have developed an exceptional training and outreach programme and produce a range of publications in order to:- Share our experience and expertise and provide practical guidance; Help empower any landowner or farmer, large or small, to take minimal-cost, low-intervention conservation measures, in accordance with their own circumstances and site conditions; Help develop a growing network of landowners and farmers, who are sharing and learning from their experiences. Denmark Farm is also a visitor centre and community group resource with a wide range of accommodation and facilities available for hire year-round:- As a place for use by organisations for their own activities and events. As a base for exploring the wide variety of West Wales wildlife and countryside or simply as a rural retreat to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit.