Join us on our surveys – 1 _, 2 & 4 Hour Trips from New Quay. Book trips go to Join us as we survey the Bottlenose Dolphins of Cardigan Bay. Research funded by the paying public. Enjoy the seals, birds, dolphins and porpoise that visit this beautiful coastline of West Wales. Under water microphone (hydrophone) to listen to the dolphins when we meet them. 33ft boat with toilet and part sheltered deck. Book at the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre. BBC Television presenter Mike Dilger joined us on one of our 4 hour Dolphin Survey Boat Trips. Watch the video clip below and see the amazing encounters he had with some of the Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphins. For 2011 Dolphin Survey Boat Trips has teamed up again with researchers from the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre and Friends of Cardigan Bay to carry out day surveys throughout the Bay. We are giving members of the public the opportunity to join these unique surveys. This is your chance to join a full day survey with Dolphin survey Boat Trips and scientific teams from two local organisations, to see some of Cardigan Bay’s famous bottlenose dolphins, other marine wildlife and support local conservation efforts. To find out more contact the Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre on 01545 560032.