The Parish of Ewenny lies just off the southern edge of the town of Bridgend, about 20 miles west of Cardiff. Although Bridgend is an industrial town, with large plants belonging to Sony and Ford, the parish is firmly in the rural (and beautiful) Vale of Glamorgan. Some of the most stunning coastline in Britain is in walking distance. Spiritually, if not geographically, the Parish of Ewenny is centred around the Priory Church . The local community comprises two small villages that now run into each other, with a total population of not much more than 1000 people. Until a decade ago the parish had been, for much of the last century, in the care of a succession of Priests in Charge. In 1990 it was brought into the benefice of Ewenny and the neighbouring parish of St Brides Major. The main life of the parish is focused on the weekly celebration of the Eucharist, at the 9.30am Sunday morning service. In addition we enjoy an active social life together, with many events being organised during the year such as Harvest Suppers, Quiz Nights, numerous concerts and special services, and so on. For more information please visit our website –