Llandudno Pier was designed by Brunlees and McKerrow. Taking 2 years to construct, building commenced in 1876 and the Pier was completed in 1878. The Pier is known for it splendid Victorian and Edwardian elegance. Constructed of wrought iron lattice girders resting on cast iron columns, and finished with a traditional wooden decking. The Pier’s total length is 2295ft, of which the main Pier is 1234ft, stretching majestically into the Irish Sea. Llandudno Pier was originally operated by the Llandudno Pier Company. In 1968 the Pier was purchased by the Trust House Forte Group, and then became part of the First Leisure Corporation in 1983. Today Llandudno Pier is owned and operated by Six Piers Ltd and still retains it elegant Victorian appearance, referred to by some as the “Queen of Welsh Piers” The Pier Pavilion was famous for its musical concerts and was the venue at which the world famous conductor, the late Sir Malcolm Sergeant first appeared (1926/1927 Seasons). In later years such household names as George Fornby, Ted Ray, Semprini. Petula Clark, Arthur Askey, Bryan Johnson, Bill Maynard (“Greengrass” in Heartbeat), Jimmy Edwards, Russ Conway, the Beverley Sisters, and Cliff Richard all appeared at the Pier Pavilion. In 1994 Pier Pavilion was ravaged by fire, leaving just the ornate wrought iron supports standing. The Piers Landing Stage was used for many years for sailings to and from Liverpool, the Isle of Man, and pleasure trips around the North Wales Coast. Many famous faces have sailed to the Pier over the years including Ringo Starky, who went on the achieve fame as The Beatles – Ringo Starr. Sailing to and from the Pier came to an end in 2005 due to the condition of the Berthing area. However plans are in place to hopefully restore the landing stage, and once again introduce sailings to and from Llandudno Pier. Six Piers Ltd have continued to invest in the structural maintenance of Llandudno Pier. During the winter months Steel Replacement and renewal of Decking takes place every year. In addition a small but dedicated Maintenance Team work all year long to maintain and improve the standard of the Piers décor and appearance. The good work will continue.