A visit to Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre takes you on a journey through the history of this small town and its surroundings. Discover the story of “The finest sulphur spring in the kingdom” and the hidden jewels of a mid-Wales town that attracted thousands of holidaymakers for over 150 years. Interactive exhibits inside the superbly converted and modernised chapel show the history of this part of Wales and the town as a major tourist attraction when it hosted a spa. You can play back recorded memories of local residents to gain an insight into now-lost daily life. Younger visitors can become detectives as they ‘Follow the Frog’ to complete a quiz. If you’ve heard of Llanwrtyd Wells it’s probably as home to a whacky sporting contest. So why not come and find out why visitors from all over the world journey here to swim in a murky bog or chase a horse all over the countryside! The Heritage Centre is always keen to hear from visitors or those with family from the area who have stories, photos or memorabilia which they would be happy to share with the Centre. The Centre also hosts an art gallery that showcases the arts and crafts of local creators that embody the essence of Mid-Wales, whose landscapes, environments and peace provide such vital inspiration. There is a programme of exhibitions throughout the year, and workshop and demonstration areas allow visitors to meet and interact with artisans and there is also a performance space for concerts.