National Coracle Centre at Cenarth Falls

A Museum and Workshop of Coracles from around the world set in the grounds of a 17th Century Flour Mill beside the beautiful Cenarth falls famed for its Salmon Leaps and 200 year old Bridge over the Teifi River. The Museum, apart from its fine collection of coracles covers the history of coracles and the techniques and tools for building them. Also a section on the implements and methods used for the equally ancient art of poaching. The Museum houses an international collection of coracles from as far afield as Vietnam, North America, India, Tibet and Iraq to complement the collection of coracles from around our home islands. The museum also incorporates a work-shop to show the ancient craft of coracle making. Young children can also sit in a coracle and watch a video of how they are made. Guided tours of the coracle exhibition are available and can be booked in advance. A tour lasts about 30 mins. Groups of over 50 people may have to be divided into two groups. A visit to the 17th Century Mill is included in your trip. Please allow at least 45 mins for the visit. Group rates: £ 2.00 per head for groups of 20 or more £ 2.50 for smaller parties. Children £ 1.50