The National Cycle Museum has approximately 250 machines on display within the 6,000 square feet of floor space at any one time, with a similar number held in the reserve collection.

Journey through the lanes of cycle history and see bicycles from 1818, such as the Hobby Horse, Boneshakers and Penny Farthings, up to the most modern Carbon Fibre machines of today. The Dunlop tyre story sets the stage for the entrance of the tyred bicycle.

The exhibition hall contains displays on past racing stars such a Bob Maitland , Olympic medal winner , Bill Bradley winner of the Milk Race in 1959/60, Billie Dovey the keep fit lady of the 1930’s who rode just under 30,000 miles in one year, Eileen Sheridan who set many long distance records, Barry Clarke National Mountain Bike Champion of 1996 and George Nightingale who rode the 25-mile in under an hour in 1938, to name a few.