Visit our charming museum housed in one of four cottages built to accommodate quarrymen and their families in the late 1840’s. Our unusual original name is a reference to the migration to America that took place at the time when the cottages were built. Come and explore! • Read about the 6,000 year history of stone-quarrying in Penmaenmawr. See objects from Graiglwyd Quarry dating from the Neolithic (New Stone Age) to the present day • Discover the connections between four-times Prime Minister William .E. Gladstone and the town of Penmaenmawr • Enjoy our seasonal exhibitions exploring social life in Penmaenmawr since the birth of our town 190 years ago. • Browse our archival collection of documents and photographs illustrating quarrying, tourism, education, religion and social life. Booklets, guides and books are available for sale, published by Penmaenmawr Historical Society & Stori Pen (Cyf). Why not take a little piece of Pen away with you?