Portmeirion Village Gardens

Y Gwyllt literally translated from the Welsh means ‘The Wild Place’ and that is what it is today, a magical wilderness, a myriad of intertwining paths leading through exotic plantings and jungle like vegetation down to windswept beaches with white sands and rocky promontories. Isolated, luminous and above all ‘Wild’ – all this with the majestic mountain ranges of Eryri as a back drop to the north and in an amphitheatre the Moelwyns, the Arrenigs and the Rhinogau beyond Harlech. This is what Sir Clough must have fallen in love with when he chose this place- his lost mythical land of Aberia. While eating an exotic and beautifully prepared meal in the restaurant, cast your eyes over the mural on the back wall. It depicts a wind swept shore of white sands on some tropical uninhabited island. One can dream of being a Robinson Crusoe cast away on some far away place and that is the essence of what the Gwyllt is today – Sir Clough’s dream come true.