Raul Speek Gallery is located in a converted Chapel in the village of Solva. Raul’s creations are highly praised, with his work displayed at many exhibitions. Visitors are able to view his collection and purchase the original art from the Old Chapel or online. Heather Bennett’s photography is displayed in a separate area of the gallery and includes framed work, mounted prints, cards and her new book Travels with my Camera. The attached shop sells jewellery, CDs, and gifts. There is an outdoor cafe in the summer and the Gallery hosts music events, artists dinners in the summer and provides art, photography and music courses and workshops. Raul often paints in the studio and is available to give information about his work and suggestions about how to follow a life as an artist. Please also see and This last website hosts 80 artists and over 40 galleries and associated businesses – it is an information highway not a selling site.