Regimental Museum of The Royal Welsh

The museum is reputed to have the finest collection of weapons to be found in any regimental museum throughout the country. Our gun collection traces the evolution of solders weapons from the 18th Century to the present day. The Medal Room contains nearly 3,000 medals. The Victoria Cross case in the main room contains sixteen replica Victoria Crosses. They represent the real ones, which the regiment owns but does not display because they are so valuable. The main attraction in the museum is the Zulu War Room. The exploits of the 24th Regiment during the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War are legendary. Queen Victoria referred to the soldiers as ‘The Noble 24th’. Donald Morris, in his book ‘The Washing of the Spears’, focused on the Zulu War of 1879, and Sir Stanley Baker developed further interest with his film ‘Zulu’ in 1964. The film recreated the events surrounding the heroic defence of Rorke’s Drift by B Company, 2/24th in the Zulu war of 1879. The Zulu War Room tells this compelling story, and contains a fascinating display of artefacts.