Standing on the banks of the River Dee in picturesque but often turbulent border country, this attractive, red sandstone church is surrounded by history, and dates back to 1395. The north door tells its own story, with loopholes for gun barrels dating back to the Civil War period of 1645, and there is ample evidence of a battle fought with muskets inside the church. The 15th-century font is rich in heraldry, including the Arms of King Richard III, and a number of beautiful memorials enhance the interior. As with other churches close to the River Dee, in August the ancient custom of Rushbearing is a huge attraction, when new floor rushes from the banks of the River are brought in procession, and the graves are dressed with flowers. Whilst here, many visitors also follow the Holt Village Trail (guides are available in the church) which embraces many interesting features from the Roman occupation of Britain, right up to recent times.