Rev Lacy Henry Ramsey, vicar of Llanstadwell 1873-1911, he was born in london in 1824, the grandson of Lady elizabeth Spencer, daughter of the Duke of Marborough. He studied at Oxford and Brasenose College. The intellectual accomplishments of the man were great, he spoke seven languages, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish German and Chinese and was also interested in heraldy, Navigation, astronomy, mathematics and composing church music. His ministry included periods at Hurworth, Durham, Brent Pelham, Jamaica, Australia and he was also curate of St Saviour’s Highbury London. He married Anne Bussell in 1856 and was appointed vicar of Llanstadwell in 1873. He died six weeks after his wife in 1915 and was buried in the churchyard. He was instrumental in the building of St Clement’s Church Neyland. St Clement’s Church, Before there was a Church in Neyland people had to walk to Llanstadwell and crossed the river at low tide or by boat if tide was in. The first Church in Neyland was built of wood and corrugated iron and was completed in March 1898 and on October 24th the first service took place and the Church was named St Clement. On friday 16th November 1928 St Clement’s was flattened by 100 mile an hour gale and in the autumn of 1929 a tempory church was built. A fund was set up to build a more substancial Church of stone, and the foundation stone was laid on Tuesday 2nd October. The New Church was dedicated on 11th June 1931, on 16th June the first baptism took place when John Clement Evans was baptised and on Monday 18th June the Church was consecrated. The first wedding took place on 14th October 1942 between Miss Betty Thomas and Mr Frederick Harrison the service was procided over by the Rev T Barnard Jones and afterwards they were given a bible, carrying on the tradition of celebrating a new Church. The inaugural service of the Mothers’ Union was held on Wed 22nd March 1939. One of the founder members Mrs Florence Sweeny is still a member and celebrated the 65th birthday on 24th April 2004. In 1973 the Rev M Likeman took up office and held his first civic Sunday on 15th July and on 16th March 1988 he was installed as canon of St David’s Cathedral. In May 1998 he was presented with a corner cabinet as a retirement gift. In January 2001 the Rev Paul Flavell became vicar of Llanstadwell Parish, accompanied by his wife Margaret and daughter Hannah one of his seven children. In 2002 Rev Flavell started a family service and on February 2004 he assisted at his first confirmation service in the parish