St Mary Magdalene Church – Tallarn Green

This small Victorian church was first opened on 22nd October 1873, at a total building cost of £800, an amount that seems quite unreal today, as does the £137 spent on building the clock tower to commemorate Queen Victorias Jubilee. The church lies on the Welsh border with Cheshire and has many notable attributes, among them the clock tower, some delightful stained glass, an inscribed font, and a rounded east end. Of the 22 priests who have shared the lives of the people of this small village, R. S. Thomas knew how to truly move and inspire his congregation, going on to become one of the greatest Welsh poets. Tallarn Green was his second placement, during the dire war years of 1942 to 1945. There can be few better examples of a small Victorian rural church than Tallarn Green, which continues to see regular worship after 130 years. The true history of this parish church can be found in the lives of its people, both past and present.