Swansea Maritime Quarter Treasure Trail

The Swansea Maritime Quarter Treasure Hunt Trail is a must do activity if you’re looking for things to do with friends and family. Can you follow the route around Swansea’s waterfront area and solve the clues set on permanent and quirky features to discover where the treasure is buried? This 2 mile self-guided Treasure Hunt Trail will certainly get you looking at Swansea’s Maritime Quarter in a different way. It’s written so that everyone from the age of 6 – 106 can get involved, so both children and adults will have fun exploring and hopefully learn a new thing or two as well. Along the circular loop Trail route, you’ll discover some fascinating historical boats and hidden gems as you venture over locks and quays past the Dylan Thomas Centre and Waterfront Museum. Your Trail booklet can be purchased from the Treasure Trails website for £6.99. One Trail booklet is all you’ll need for a group of 4-5 people making it a cheap and enjoyable way to explore Swansea’s newly developed Maritime Quarter. Visit the Treasure Trails website to discover more – Happy Trailing!